'No word/name is Tcijwp, but could be Attano or Romanex, for they can be said, thats what you would type too.'

This seems to read my mind!
-Anindita, Ontario

I like that there are no unhelpful word predictions that are annoying.
- Raj, Engineer

CleverTexting a new technology to type in all languages on the same phone without printed keypads. An intelligent responsive virtual keypad based on linguistics instead of dictionary that is fast, easy and comfortable to your thumb. Developed in 22 major languages. Download and be the first ones to try it.


The most likely next characters are arranged to positions easiest for the thumb, as in Right hand and left.

Ergonomic and Persistent

Alphabets retain their positions between two state transitions. This reduces jitter and improves searchability of characters.

Ergonomic Persistent

Legacy Keypad

Heavy users of legacy keypad habitually look for keys there. In this implementation, alphabets are assigned legacy positions as best as possible.

Legacy Colour

An extension of legacy, alphabets that could not be assigned legacy positions are shown highlighted to improve searchability.

Legacy keypad Legacy Colour

Nearest Key

The next likely keys crowd around the last used key.

SMS Compression

The composed message is compressed before transmission. So you can pack in more text into the same SMS.
Needs this application on both phones.

Nearest key SMS Compression